Shiradi Saibaba

“SHIRADI” is a holy place located at the ‘Ahamad Nagar’ district in Maharashtra. It is world famous for “Saibaba temple”. The devotees from all over the world will come in large

Numbers to see “Baba”, who will fulfill their wishes.

Baba in shiradi..
One day villagers of shiradi saw a 16 years old boy, who was in long meditation under a big Neem tree. The boy’s face was shining brightly. Villagers were surprised, and they tried

to know about that boy. But they failed. He also didn’t tell about himself to the villagers.

A priest of the ‘Khandoba’ temple had welcome that little boy by saying ‘yaa sai’ (welcome sai). After that, he was known by the name sai. Villagers were so much attracted by

baba’s presence, who led an ascetic life. but some people opposed him and threw stones at him by considered him as mad.
After this incident baba left shiradi. but many days later, he returned to the Shiradi. Baba has solved many people problems and it is believed that, today also baba is solving the

problems of the people. . He cured diseases by using ashes which were not be healed by doctors. He also taughts spiritual lessons to his visitors. Today devotees from all over the

world visits shiradi to see “sai baba”.

Om Sai Ram…

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