“Swarnapuri” Shree Kshethra “Honnavara”

In Dwapura Yuga kapil maharshi who was the son of bramha. He established shree laksmikantha swamy temple and he installed shree swamys idol which was gifted from shreemahavishnu. After installing the idol he done the Abhishekam for Shree swamy by the golden rain then he named Shree Kshethram as “kapila” or “Kanaka puram”.

After few years With the arrival of Jagadacharya Shree Shree Shree Ramanujacharya, the Shree Kshetra had Lengthened and the temple of Shree Swamy had re-established. The idol of Shree swamy is carved in a single stone one night and done by a sculptor, and the idol is highlighting the Hoysalas sculpture.

Shree Jagadhacharya named Shree Swamy as Moksha Nayaka, because mandara kireetadhaari Shree lakshmikantha swamy holding Pashankusha Gadhapadhma and he sited with Shree Matha. Shree Swamy is in Kalkyavatharam. Here Shree Lakshmi sitted on Shree Swamy’s Left Thigh. Shree Matha’s leg has touched to the Bhookamalam. Shree Matha has Lotus in One hand and embraced the Swamy in other hand. With this Shree Matha is looking the Swamy in one eye and looking her appearance in the mirror from the other eye. Shree Swamy has a Pashankusha Gadapadma, he will blessed the devotees and gave Lakshmi Kataksha to the devotees who cames to the temple. For this reason Jagadacharya Shree Shree Shree Ramanujacharya called this place as Paramapadam. And Shree Swamy is known as Mokshanayaka.

Infront of Shree Swamy the temple has eight steps and it will indicates the Ashtakshari Manthra. The god Vinayaka is installed For conservation of these steps. Other than that In this temple to get the lotus feet of Shree Mokshanayaka Lakshmikantha Swamy Shree Jagadacharya Shree Ramanujacharya’s idol is attracted the devotees.

For the perseverance of a poor bramhin he got the golden crops in his field and he distributed that gold crops as shree’s prasadam to all devotees so this kshethram renamed as Honnavara.

In this Sree Kshethra the river Vaishnavi birth from feet of Shree Mahavishnu is flowing and this is the place of Amrutha Kalasham placed by Garuda Deva.

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